How to Choose the Right Color When Buying Blinds

March 17, 2023 Window Blinds, Zebra Blinds

How to Choose the Right Color When Buying Blinds

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If you’re in the market for new custom window blinds, chances are you’ve looked at all of your options. The struggle of finding the perfect blinds has never been so real – from length and style to materials used. But one of the most important decisions is choosing a color that not only complements your walls and decor but also offers privacy when closed. With a multitude of hues available such as black, shades of grey, colourful, and even white blinds, it can be hard to decide which is right for you. Fortunately, we have some helpful advice on how to choose the right colour when buying blinds!

1. Choosing the Right Color for Your Windows
2. Use Color to Add Function and Style
3. Get Creative with Shades of Grey 
4. Add Some Pizzazz to Your Room with Bright Colors 
5. Make a Statement with Deep, Rich Colors

Blinded by the Light – Choosing the Right Color for Your Windows

Ah, the eternal struggle: choosing the perfect hue for your windows, a task as daunting as naming a new pet or selecting a favorite song. But much like opening the curtains to a fresh new day, finding the right color for your windows can transform your entire living space. It’s important not to be blinded by the light here, folks – consider which shades will harmonize with your walls, furniture, and other décor. Trust your gut, but don’t forget that colors have personalities of their own, blending together like guests at a dinner party. Light and neutral tones can create an airy and spacious atmosphere, while bolder, darker hues can introduce a sense of drama and sophistication. So, strap on your stylish thinking caps, channel your inner interior designer, and find that perfect marriage of function and expression when choosing the ideal color for your windows. Remember, windows are the eyes to your home, and mixed signals can result in a disarray to rival that pesky sock drawer.

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Not Just a Pretty Face – Use Color to Add Function and Style

Ah, color – nature’s own fashionista, adding a touch of sparkle to our otherwise drab existence. But lo and behold, it’s so much more than that! Color, dear friends, is your proverbial fairy godmother, transforming the mundane into the captivating, and shaping disparate elements into a harmonious whole. Don’t be fooled by its seemingly frivolous facade; color wields the power to enhance both function and style with an effortless flick of its chromatic wand. Employ its charms and witness the magic unfold: set the mood, create spatial illusions, and accentuate the most fantastic features of your surroundings – all while looking like a million Pantone swatches. Yes, color is indeed more than just a pretty face, and it’s time we paid homage to this versatile artist of our lives.

Monochrome Marvels – Get Creative with Shades of White Blinds

white zebra blindsAllow me to introduce you to the magical world of shades of white blinds. These seemingly ordinary window blinds are anything but simple. With their power to transform your interiors with a harmonious blend of whimsical charm and timeless elegance, these snow-like wonders can make your creative side dazzle. From the ever-sophisticated eggshell to the enigmatic ecru, it’s time to make a fashion statement in your home with these flawless blinds. Just imagine the scene as the sun streams through the gossamer fabric, bathing your living room in a myriad of watery rainbows, creating an ambiance of pure serenity. So go on, take a leap into the unknown, and dive into the alluring world of monochromatic mystique!

Bright Ideas – Add Some Pizzazz to Your Room with Bright Colors like white blinds

Oh, the fickle winds of whimsy! Have your once-beloved neutral-toned walls become merely dreary canvases to you? Worry not, my intrepid friend, for there is a simple antidote: infuse your sanctuary with a kaleidoscope of vivid hues! Unleash the expressive power of vibrant pigments to renew the atmosphere and awaken your senses every time you cross the threshold. Revel as a dazzling array of punchy tones swirl together in a symphony of vivid raspberry, electric sunshine yellow, and other eye-catching shades, creating a space where even the dullest day morphs into an exuberant fiesta. Embrace the art of transformation and watch as your once-staid room emerges ever so “Pizzazz-ed,” a testament to the pull of bright colors and their undeniably magnetic charm.

Going Boldly – Make a Statement with Deep, Rich Colors

Dare to be different, make your mark, and set the world ablaze with your unique sense of style as you boldly embark on a technicolor venture. It’s time for tasteless tints and timid tonality to take a backseat, as deep, rich colors dominate the palette, stomping out conventionality with a startling blend of flamboyance and fierceness. Unleash your inner artiste in the most exuberant way, and deep-dive into a realm where sultry hues and sumptuous shades meld together to create visual symphonies that narrate your distinctive story. Wave farewell to the era of moody monochromes, tip your hat to the bazaar of bare hues, and embrace the vigor of vivid chroma to create a statement that resounds with a captivating allure. Fear not, fashion revolutionaries, for in a grey world, your bold choices will always shine brightest.

From adding function and style to making a statement, color can be an effective way to enhance your spaces. When it comes to window coverings, you don’t have to settle for white or go overboard with wild colors. Choose wisely—subtle shades of grey can be refined, bright blues powerful, and deep reds daring. Blinded by the Light is sure to help you find the perfect color for any space—and if you’re looking for something classic and timeless, white blinds always make a great option! Get creative, have fun, and always keep your windows covered up in style!

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