Where to find the best window blinds installers in GTA

October 29, 2019 Window Blinds

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Window Blinds installers in the GTA

There is a slew of blinds Toronto installers available in the Greater Toronto Area. Whether you are looking for custom window shades, office blinds or motorized blinds, there is an installer available that is ready to respond to your needs.


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The following are a few of the best window blinds installers in GTA. The goal of these installers is to convert spaces into welcoming interiors. 

  • Elegant Drapery studies a space’s composition including its colors, lighting, decor, and makes sure that the blinds it installs bring character and softness to a room. They also take into consideration the personality of their clients, the functionality of the product, and its overall practicality.
  • Condo Kandy similarly are window blinds installers in the GTA and has been doing so since 2011. They also offer home consultations for free. The company specializes in condo spaces and have served condo owners. 
  • NuvoTeck specializes in the manufacture and distribution of premium motorized blinds and window coverings. They do install custom window shades for commercial, residential, or industrial applications.

How does the process of window blinds installations actually work?


Installing window blinds is not as difficult as you’d think. The procedure involves measuring the inside and outside dimensions of the window and acquiring blinds according to these measurements. The brackets are then installed. The headrail is placed in the brackets, after which comes the valence. The last part is where the blind wand is secured. The following are further details on blinds installation. 


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  • Measuring the mount

The windows need to be measured in order to ensure that the appropriately-sized blind is installed. A measuring tape is used to determine the window size. Blinds could either be mounted on the inside of the casing or outside.

Blinds that are hung outside would make the window, as well as the blinds, look bigger. When blinds are hung inside, the window appears slimmer. Interior mounts let in more light around the blinds’ edges.

When measuring the outside mount, it is the outer edges that surround the window casing that needs to be exactly determined. The length from the casing’s top up until the bottom is measured.

When measuring the inside mount, the measuring tape is placed inside the casing where the window’s glass touches the casing. The window’s width at the top, bottom, and the middle is measured. The smallest figure among the difference in the numbers needs to be used as a base for the measurements.

  • Purchasing the blinds

installing blindsAfter performing the correct measurements, blinds are to be purchased based on these numbers. There is a slew of blinds available: aluminum, wood, PV, vinyl. Your choice would depend on where the blinds are to be installed and for what purpose. If aluminum blinds are selected for a children’s nursery room, these need to be free from lead paint.

Once purchased and the blinds are delivered, installers will make mounting marks. Pencil marks are placed on areas where the brackets will be. 

An outside mount installation requires the blinds to be held up in order for the blind’s top part to be levelled and centred along with the window casing. A pencil mark underneath the headrail is placed on each of the casing’s side. 

An inside mount installation requires the headrail to be placed within the casing. The handrail needs to be levelled.

  • Brackets attachment

Once the bracket door is open, hold its end in place. Then, install them in the pencil marks previously made. One of the bracket’s open sides must face out to you, and the other towards the window’s center. The door of the bracket must face the room’s inside.

Mark the places where the drilling will be done. There need to be two pilot holes. Two diagonal holes must be made in order for the brackets to be sturdy. An outside mount requires brackets to be placed on the window casing’s outside face on two sides of the window. An inside mount requires brackets to be placed against the interior top corner of each of the window’s side. 

Holes need to be drilled for the screws (these come with the brackets). If drilling through wood, it is recommended that a 1/16-inch diameter drill be used in order for the hole to be a bit smaller than the screw used to have the bracket secure. The latter needs to be replaced once you drill the screws in.

  • Head rail and valance installation

The valance clips need to be snapped in place. These are used to connect the headrail to the valance. It is the latter which covers the headrail in order to give it a decorative look. The valance clips are then snapped over the head rail’s front lip prior to the headrail being inserted in the bracket. 

Some blinds consist of “ladders”. If you have such blinds, snap every valance clip to its proper place atop every ladder, though not directly atop it as doing so could cause the valance clips to be caught in the blinds’ cords.

The headrail is then placed in the brackets. When the brackets are drilled into its proper place, the bracket doors need to be open wide and the headrail inserted in the brackets. Close the bracket doors once the headrail is properly situated. 

Connect the valance by attaching it along the headrail. Place it atop the valance clips. Gently press the valance down until it snaps into place. The blind wand then needs to be secured. Attach it to the blinds by pushing the hook up’s plastic sleeve, inserting the wand to the hook’s end, and sliding the plastic covering down.


There are numerous window blinds installers in GTA. You only need to choose those which suits your needs and requirements. It also pays if you too know the basics of blinds installation. Doing so allows you to decide on your own while also taking in the recommendations of professional window blinds installers. 

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