How Much Do Office Window Blinds Cost In Toronto?

September 19, 2019 Office Blinds

How Much Does Office Window Blinds Cost In Toronto?


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Window blinds function as the eyes which reflects your office’s soul. In terms of the expenses business owners spend on, office blinds toronto are usually not on top of their list. Their priorities usually include payroll, marketing expenses, and rent, among others. However, never underestimate the importance of office window blinds.

How much do office blinds cost in GTA?

Before considering the cost of office blinds, acknowledge their value within the work environment. For one, custom window blinds help protect office equipment from the heat of the sun. Rays from the sun produce glare on PC screens. They also cause carpet and furniture to fade.

Business owners usually purchase blinds in bulk. These are usually suited within an office space, or industrial warehouse windows. Businesses usually choose from faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds, and vinyl blinds. Roller shades, either in blackout or solar selections, may also be available.

Its cost are usually based on the blinds’ size or the window. Small businesses could spend a minimum of $200,  $1,000 to as much as $5,000 for office blinds as well as its installation. In order to get the best price, it is highly advisable to compare between different competitors in order to get the best deal.

Fortunately, flexible financing is available for businesses. This program allows them to easily purchase commercial blinds either in bulk or through a six-month to one year payment scheme. No interest is collected through this program thus making the process of finding and estimating the cost of blinds worry-free.

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The cost of maintaining and cleaning office blinds

Blinds need to be regularly maintained and cleaned. Window cleaning companies usually charge for each square foot of blinds cleaned. Take note that the price is dependent on the size.

Selecting the right office window blinds

Taking the time to know what your business needs will help you choose the blind that is best to use. Functionality-wise, roller blinds are easier to use. If privacy is your requirement, venetian blinds or vertical blinds are the best option.  If your office mostly consists of wide windows, a solar screen or sunscreen fabric is highly recommended. These items decrease glare but are able to maintain decent views.

The cost of installing office blinds

Besides providing privacy and aesthetic appeal to an office environment, window blinds also have a functional purpose. They insulate windows and assist in making an indoor space energy efficient. Some companies charge a special rate of $250 in the installation of blinds purchased from their store.

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Different types of blinds

The office environment has a subtle effect on staff’s productivity. Thus the necessity to     create a setting that is comfortable and conducive to employees’ efficiency. Window blinds, along with decorations and office furnishings, have the ability to evoke positive emotions and behavior. Besides blinds’ practical purpose,  choosing appropriate window blinds is necessary as it encourages staff’s health and well-being.

  • Honeycomb blinds

Also known as cellular shades, cost anywhere from $50 to $200 dollars. These are energy-efficient and are available as single cells, double cells, or cordless cells. They can also be customized to suit the shade you need whether their purpose  is to filter light or black them out.

  • Faux wood blinds 

These are budget- friendly yet quality blinds that are  and resistant to humidity and moisture. They are usually used in kitchens and bathrooms. Some items allow a no-holes privacy option or cloth tapes to manage incoming light. Faux wood blinds cost anywhere from $40 to $200.

  • Wood blinds

If you want to add sophistication and a bit of warmth to a room, install wood blinds. These traditional and elegant addition to your space ranges in cost from $70 to $300. 

Despite their high price, they last a tad longer and gives more value for your money. These blinds are also light weight and do not bend easily.

  • Aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds are strong and durable. They also come in various sizes and finishes. Their sleek look belies their budget-friendly feature. Their $30 to $130 price range offer users a level of control over privacy. Plus, it blocks any incoming light thanks to its easy tilt and lift function.


When choosing office window blinds for your business, consider not just how much office blinds or custom window blinds cost, ensure that you also take note of features suited for your office space. Would it provide the ambiance your workplace needs? Will it allow you to manage incoming light? Will the blinds be able to provide you with privacy? 

How convenient are they to use? Some blinds are motorized to provide users easy functionality at a mere touch of a button. Consider too a blinds’ durability and how easy they are to maintain. Durable blinds include aluminum commercial blinds, horizontal blinds, faux wood blinds. All in all, aim for aesthetics and functionality when purchasing blinds. Value its appeal and its efficiency in providing your workplace the productive vibe it needs. 

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