benefits of using Window Blinds during summer

October 20, 2019 Window Blinds

benefits of window blinds

Window Blinds: What are the benefits of using them in the summer in the Greater Toronto Area?

Come summer, people who live and work in the Greater Toronto Area experience a few days of smog, and a lot of days sweltering under the hot weather. Temperatures could range from a cool 20 degrees to a warm 35 degrees and window blinds could keep your room nice and cool. 

July becomes specially muggy or humid that staying indoors is a better option than going out. The benefits of using blinds during the summer season cannot be underestimated. The following are the advantages of having window blinds Toronto installed in your work or living space.

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Light and privacy management

Whether you are intending to remove your current window treatments and have them replaced with something better, or you are considering to replace the low quality blinds in your workplace, acquiring blinds are always the best option for those who value aesthetics and practical functionality.

window blinds light management

  • Slatted window blinds are ideal for controlling the amount of light that enters a room. This type of window treatment can either be tilted down or up, as well as opened or closed. 
  • Such slatted office blinds are extremely effective in managing incoming light and maintaining privacy. 
  • Plus, these blinds can be made to custom window shades according to your liking.
  • Compared to curtains which can be opened or closed and only allow a pinprick of light through, blinds – even zebra blinds or motorized blinds – have no such issues.
  • The best thing about window blinds is that it can be titled up to permit in light yet have one’s privacy remains secure as no one will be able to see through it.

Energy-saving and money-saving

Window blinds also keep any space energy efficient. They ensure that air is trapped against windows by functioning as an insulation. Consequently, any work or living space becomes easier to either cool or heat up. 

  • The summer season sees heat and light trapped by windows. During winter, the windows trap in cool air thereby resulting to an easier-to-heat space. 
  • Window blinds also help save on costs due to its affordability. They are available in any price range and in a slew of styles and colours.
  • Blinds, specially those which are highly reflective, can decrease heat gain in any room space by approximately 45%.
  • Blinds can be easily customized to manage light and ventilation in a room. 
  • Window blind slats are adjustable and have the ability to deflect and block direct sunlight. The result is that light can easily move through the room sans glare or heat.

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Safety is guaranteed

Window blinds have been mistakenly thought of as being unsafe for pets and kids. But these are evidently far from the truth. 

  • It is not true that children and pets will get stuck and wrapped up in the cords and slats of window blinds. 
  • Current window blinds are now made using stringent safety standards meant to protect anyone from hurt or harm. 
  • Specifically, cordless blinds allow its users to control it via a remote. They can even be programmed to be raised or lowered anytime you prefer.

Pleasant aesthetics for your space

Currently, consumers demand more from manufacturers. Window blinds are not excluded from such wants. In return, manufacturers have step-up to the plate by updating their products to suit people’s modern and constantly changing tastes. 

  • Window blinds are now made of various materials such as wood as well as synthetic wood. The latter blinds give an elegant and classic impression.
  • Authentic wood blinds, though appearing just as classy, have the tendency to age specially when exposed to sunlight from the windows. Synthetic wood does not and are more customizable than real wood. However, the latter is more environment-friendly.
  • Some window blinds are made from metal. Such blinds provide an industrial-looking and edgy aesthetic. 

window blinds maintenance


Window blinds only need to be dusted and spot-cleaned. Thus, they are considered as the easiest and cleanest type of window treatment. 

  • They do not need to be removed from the windows to have them cleaned.
  • They provide users with extreme convenience and cleanliness.
  • All one needs to do is dust them a few times every year using a dry cloth or feather duster.

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Though air conditioning during the height of the sweltering heat in the Greater Toronto Area feels oh so blissful, the same positive emotions might not be present once the utility bill arrives. The use of window blinds minimizes the cost of keeping your living space or workspace cool. 

The United States Department of Energy encourages the use of window blinds or other types of window coverings due to its ability to decrease heat gain of up to 77%. Fortunately, the same blinds can be similarly used during winter to decrease heat loss.

Summer is the best time to install window blinds. During this time, energy expenses have the high probability to increase. Blinds help in cooling down your work or living space thus decreasing your energy costs.



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  1. Danny says:

    This was a very informative article. I have actually placed an order for your zebra blinds in my house. Thank you.

  2. Janice says:

    We got some motorized blackout blinds for our boardroom in our office and they are perfect for presentations. Because we use a projector we needed the room to be completely dark. The section about light and privacy management is very accurate.

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